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Houston, TX

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About Me

I am an advice-only planner making financial planning more accessible to families and individuals who struggle to find unbiased financial advice.

My clients share some of the following characteristics - do any of these sound like you?

⭐️ Income over $200K annually

⭐️ Seeking to align financial priorities with a broader financial plan

⭐️ Interested in understanding your unique money mindset

⭐️ Looking for an investment strategy tune-up

⭐️ Curious about the best approach to saving for kids’ education

⭐️ Not sure whether you have the right pieces in place for retirement

⭐️ Receive equity compensation but don’t understand how it all works

⭐️ Want to optimize tax strategies

⭐️ Have little to no estate planning or insurance planning in place

⭐️ Not confident about how much money is being spent on a monthly/annual basis and need ideas on the best way to start tracking things

If any of the above characteristics sound like you, let's talk! Reach out to schedule a complimentary introductory meeting. https://calendly.com/ryfi-julia/free-introduction

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Ideal Clients
  • Families with Children

  • Newlyweds/Couples

  • Veterans/Military Personnel

  • Individual

  • High Net Worth

Areas Of Specialization
  • Budgeting

  • Employee Benefits

  • Investments

  • Tax Strategies

  • Mid-Career Planning

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