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McLeansboro, IL

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Personal, Business, College, and Financial Advice for Small Business Owners

We often work with other advisors, so If you already have a personal financial advisor your love... you can keep them and we will help grow your business enterprise value, prepare for your exit, or even help design a complex entity like a family limited partnership or single family office to fit your needs.

Advice-Only, Objective Advice

Small business owners deal with a variety of issues, including cash flow, time management, personnel, productivity, marketing, taxes, and people who want to sell you something while knowing nothing about businesses, let alone yours.

It is indeed challenging enough to handle everything that work life throws at you, but it's even more challenging to advance without damaging your personal and family relationships.

Your financial, personal, and professional lives all have leaks.

As a small business owner myself, I can attest that I have struggled with most aspects of running a small business, and I still do.

Nobody has it all figured out, least of all the gurus on TV.

But what can you do to find and fix your biggest problems... to focus on what really matters?

You need a Pure Advice Professional on your side of the table to strategize and help you think through all the things you can't tell anyone else. Nearly all owners need a proven system to get to the next level, a way to ensure they are doing the right things, with the right people, at the right time.

Strategy, tactics, a peer group, and some planning when necessary will get most owners halfway there. Then it's just a matter of implementing the most important part: execution. That is how you get unstuck, get out of the S-curve ditch, break the glass ceiling, and get to the next level. That is how you find more profit, growth, and value to trade for more personal and business freedom.

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  • Business Owners

  • Non-Profit Organizations

  • Startup Founders

  • Farmers

  • Families with Children

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  • Small Business

  • Tax Strategies

  • Estate Planning

  • College Savings

  • Cryptocurrency

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