Nick Booth, CFP®, CDAA

North Bethesda, MD

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Fee Models
  • Quarterly Subscription


  • One Time Fee


Typical Fee (Computed Monthly) *
Ideal Clients
  • Young Professionals
  • Pre-Retirees
  • Government Employees
  • Newlyweds/Couples
  • Families with Children
Areas of Specialization
  • Investments
  • Pre-Retirement Planning
  • Tax Strategies
  • Home Purchase
  • Early Career Planning

I’m an advice-only financial planner based in North Bethesda, MD. I offer two services: Financial Scorecard Review (complimentary), and The Clubhouse Membership (on-going or one-time).

My current clients are (generally) seeking help with:

1) Major life decisions such as getting married, buying a home, starting a family, receiving an inheritance, starting to invest, etc.

2) Planning for retirement.

3) A second opinion on their self-managed or advisor-managed investment portfolio.

Check my guide, Where to Start With Money? https://nineinningfinance.com/writing/nine-inning-finance-guide-where-to-start-with-money

To learn more, visit www.nineinningfinance.com.

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