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Raleigh Durham Triangle, NC

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"When financial matters seem like a 2nd language."

You may be foreign born, head of household or in a woman-led household, where financial matters seem foreign or too complicated to understand.

That's where FWJ Planning comes in. As Founder and Lead Planner, I offer financial advice, either in a comprehensive or specific needs based engagement. I'm familiar with cultural flavors to money, having travelled across continents, building a family and a financial base from ground-up, switching careers, states and now arriving at my #Ikigai - serve households in similar life stages as they grapple with complexities of raising a family away from native home or in a primarily lead role in the household.

Tax Preparation and Planning, Cross-Border Planning, Retirement Planning, College Planning, Buying a Home, Elder Care planning, College Planning, Investment Planning, Cash-flow Planning, Legacy Planning and Estate Planning are few of the areas I assist my clients with.

I have an MBA from UNC Chapel Hill and am licensed as an Enrolled Agent to practice in front of the IRS. I am a Certified Student Loan Planner (CSLP) and an Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF).

I offer engagements scoped based on specific client needs - as one size doesn't fit all. I've been a Professional for 6+ years. My Tax Services are listed at at www.fwjtaxprep.com

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  • Women

  • Female Breadwinner

  • Immigrants

  • Cross-Border

  • Families with Children

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  • Investments

  • Tax Strategies

  • Budgeting

  • Debt & Credit

  • Employee Benefits

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