Rupa Pereira, EA

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When financial matters can seem like a 2nd language to those whose first language isn't English.

That's foreign born, first-generation households building their financial and family lives away from their familial roots. Those who've immigrated, naturalized and are seeking clarity on building lives filled with joy.

That's where FWJ Planning comes in. Founder and Lead Planner, Rupa Pereira, EA offers financial advice, either in a comprehensive or project based engagement. Born and raised in Mumbai, India, she has traversed the journey on an H1B visa, building a family, switching careers, states and has arrived at her #Ikigai - serve households in similar life stages as they grapple with complexities of raising a family away from birth home.

Tax Planning, Cross-Border Planning, Retirement Planning, College Planning, Buying a Home, Elder Care planning, Cash-flow Planning, Legacy Planning and Estate Planning are few of the areas she assists her clients with.

Rupa has an MBA from UNC Chapel Hill, is a CFP candidate , and is licensed as an Enrolled Agent to practice in front of the IRS.

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