Praveen Krishnamurthy


Sunnyvale, CA

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  • High Earners ($250k - $500k)
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  • Employee Benefits
  • Investments
  • Tax Strategies
  • Real Estate

Praveen is passionate about finance and investing. He brings his diverse experience as a South Asian immigrant, a successful career in software development and over a decade of experience investing in various asset classes like stocks & bonds, value-add commercial real estate, and alternative vehicles like private equity and venture capital. His outlook and philosophy stem from this diverse background.

Praveen started his 15-year long career in software development as a co-founder of a startup in Silicon Valley and most recently worked at Google as a Software Engineering Manager. In parallel to his tech career, his education in personal finance and investing came from direct experience - through good financial hygiene, healthy saving habits and sound long term investing choices. As a result he achieved financial independence and now empowers others in their financial lives.

Praveen holds a FINRA Series 65 license, and has MS and BE degrees in Computer Science.

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