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Bethlehem, PA

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    • Pre-Retirees
    • Retirees
    • FIRE
    • Veterans/Military Personnel
    • Authors/Writers
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    • Retirement Life Planning
    • Retirement
    • Pre-Retirement Planning
    • Budgeting
    • Social Security

    We’re an AFC®, a higher standard than CFP®, because it requires expertise in all of personal finance, not just “planning”!

    Advice-Only, Flat-Fee. Fee-Only. Fiduciary. Honest. Ethical. Transparent. Inexpensive.

    We’re different – very different! We formed our small personal service company to help those who are tired of getting bled out by high fees and confusing/losing portfolios, or want an early exit from the hamster wheel (FIRE), or need to make up for lost time in preparing for retirement, their children’s education, and other life goals.

    Who else has transparent, up-front and understandable pricing? We don’t bleed you out on hidden AUM rate-table fees from your investment account!

    We are veteran-owned! See the common questions/answers on this page, our FAQ page, and our Rates page for further detail. We look forward to working with you!

    * Disclaimer: The "Typical Fee" displayed is the typical fee provided by the advisor computed monthly to facilitate clearer price comparisons. It does not represent actual pricing or a guaranteed quote. Please consult individual advisors for specific fee structures and personalized quotes. We encourage users to carefully review and evaluate their options before making any decisions.