Interested in Joining the Advice-Only Network?

If you are an advice-only advisor or planner and are interested in being a part of our community, we would love to have you!

Requirements To Join

In order to meet our definition of advice-only, the following must be true:

  1. You do not directly manage client investments or charge for investment management in any way.
  2. You do not have any referral relationship in place that provides you a commission or compensation for investment management with a third party.
  3. You do not receive any commissions of any kind and you do not sell any products (insurance, annuities, etc.). If you recommend such products to a client, you do not receive compensation of any kind for this.
  4. On Item 5, Part E of your ADV, only box 2 (hourly charges) and/or box 4 (fixed fees) can be checked.

In other words, you only charge for your advice and are always looking out for the best interests of your clients!

If you meet all of these criteria and are interested in joining the Advice-Only Network, please contact us at [email protected]