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Hi! I'm Ashley, a military spouse, mother to two children — Savannah (8) and James (6) — and cat, Joey. We currently live Germany and love exploring all that Europe has to offer. I grew up in South Carolina, but have lived in many amazing places — Australia as a young child, Spain during college, and (through the many moves with the military) Texas, Hawaii, Colorado, and Kansas.

I became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ over 10 years ago with the hopes of helping people gain understanding about their finances and feel confident making money decisions. When I left my small town bubble and went to my large state university, I loved meeting people from different backgrounds and from different parts of the state and country. However, I quickly realized that a lot of people felt confused about money. Fortunately, growing up, my dad worked in the insurance industry and taught me a lot about the basics of personal finance. It was in college that I began to recognize what a low priority financial literacy was, and still is, to the curriculums in primary and secondary educational institutions. I wanted to change that. I felt empowered as I gained the education and experience necessary to to become a CFP®. Now, I get to use that same information to empower others.

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